Not-So-New Update on SOLAR E-JEEP : TAP CARD

If you have no clue about Star 8’s Electronic Jeep here in Tacloban, you can read about it here:

We first heard about this from some of the marshals way back in December last year. Well, better late than never!

This Tap Card is sold by the marshals to the passengers at PHP 20. Each card has a starting balance of the same amount and can be reloaded by any amount whenever you feel like it. The fare is only PHP 7 for regular passengers and PHP 5.60 for Senior Citizens, Students and PWDs (Person With Disability). The discounted card is purple and can be availed if you can present valid identification.

How do you use it? It’s in the name.

You just tap it into the machine where the marshal usually stands. Or if you’re uncertain, just give it to the marshal and they’ll transact for you. They’ve proven to be very accommodating. Usually, a receipt will come out which will be yours to keep, stating the amount deducted and your remaining balance. The same machine can be used to reload your card, as well.

PHP 20 | USD 40c | AUD 60c | CAD 50c

Apparently, you can also use the same card anywhere in the country, as long as you’re riding a Star 8 vehicle and you have sufficient balance.

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