Beans, Meals N’ Guns

As an emerging city, Tacloban can be quite busy during the day. it’s no Manila or Cebu yet but it has become fiercely competitive in the recent years. In the midst of all the bustle and hustle, a little reprieve is definitely welcomed.

Beans, Meals and Guns is exactly what that is. Don’t let the name scare you; the owner just happened to be an Airsoft player (a pretty good one, it seems), according to the framed accolades on BMG’s walls. Despite that, this cafe/restaurant’s vibe is chill and cozy.

Located along Real Street, in the heart of Tacloban

They serve rice meals, pasta and has a dessert menu sweet-toothed people will thoroughly enjoy. And of course, they have coffee, both hot and iced. Sweet acoustic music serenades the place and the staff is just a lovely, accommodating bunch.

Imagine yourself here, tucked away in that corner with a cup of coffee and a book while it’s pouring outside
Superb food ❤
Pan Grilled Pork Chop PHP 159 | USD 3| AUD 4.50| CAD 4
Pork Belly PHP 145 | USD 2.90| AUD 4| CAD 3.75

Whether you’re looking for a caffeine fix or a full meal, BMG can be the place for you.

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