Valentines Pizza

We love drama shows with characters going against all odds just to be together in the end and we produce feel-good comedies with cheesy dialogue by the dozen every year. Majority of Filipinos are hopeless romantics…and the minority are either good at hiding it or lying. If you’re a Filipino and not in a relationship, you’ll still find a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Walking through the streets of Tacloban City, I came across various establishments like restaurants, parlors and even hardware shops that had little, simple, cut-out hearts adorning their windows in celebration of the Day of Hearts. One restaurant was even serving heart-shaped pizzas available only for the day. There were also (some are seasonal) street vendors outside schools and literally in almost every corner of the Downtown area selling Valentine’s Day knickknacks from single-stemmed roses to little pillows to balloons to ballpens themed according to the occasion.
A motorcycle with an open side car and huge umbrella belonging to Manong Lito was parked alongside Justice Romualdez street. He was pumping air into one of his balloons while explaining that he got his merchandise from Manila by bulk. One man approached his vehicle, inquiring about the price of one balloon and asked if he thought it would be enough to give to his wife.
“Flowers can be expensive but these balloons are cheaper…and they last longer.” he advised.

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