“Do pineapples belong on pizza?”
Such a profound, philosophical question. Well, you can save that energy arguing over whether it should or should not be there and instead focus on customizing your pizza.

“Is that actual rust?” I couldn’t help but ask as I looked around Pizza Republic by Giuseppe Genco.

With (intentional) vandalism on their walls, metal benches and high-chairs and Edison bulbs lighting up the place, the chill and casual atmosphere reminds me of a junkyard/backyard party waiting to happen.

And then, there’s their authentic Italian brick-oven-baked pizza. But what really sets them apart from every other pizza chain in the Philippines? You get to customize it.

Cue the tears of joy.

As a huge fan of pizza, I solemnly believe nothing could get better than that. In Pizza Republic, you get your own pizza exactly the way you want it. With over 60 toppings, you can get your own customized pizetta (7 inches) for PHP145 (which comes with a free iced tea) and PHP 245 for a 10 inches pizza.

A signage that says SELF-SERVICE is posted near the counter where you tell the staff what to put in your dough. It starts off with a splash of olive oil in the pastry which they’ll spread and then they’ll ask you to pick a base sauce (you can choose between their signature sauce, Italian tomato sauce or white sauce).

Then, they move on to the cheeses where you get free reign on how much cheese you can handle. Next up are sausages (beef, turkey) and smoked chicken shreds. Then you have the pork section, which comprises of ham, bacon (of course) and even some local Cebu chorizo for a little Filipino spice.

Then comes various toppings like pineapples, olives, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions/caramelized onions and mushrooms. There are even fresh eggs if you’re itching for a breakfast pizza. Next up are some herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme) and chili flakes to add some fragrance and flavor.

And then, finally a sauce (they have cheese sauce, pesto and mustard) to top it all.

I tried making a pizza with mostly burger flavors which meant picking loads of beef and tomatoes, onions and a bit of mustard, while Julia had her Hawaiian plus olives pizza.

7″ PHP 145 | USD 2.90 | AUD 4 | CAD 3.75
10″ PHP 245 | USD 5 | AUD 7 | CAD 6

A little over 5 minutes later, and we we’re given our piping hot customized pizzas. I’m pretty sure we demolished them on time less than our waiting period.

They also have rice meals and pasta dishes, if you don’t like pizza (although to be honest, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza). You can find Pizza Republic inside Robinson’s North, in Abucay, Tacloban City. They also have branches in Manila, Cebu and Bacolod.

Be merry, eat and let eat.

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