Plaza Libertad

Did you know Tacloban has its very own Lady Liberty?

Only she’s in a Filipiniana, not a stola.

At first glance, one may not easily see it that way. But it is after all called Plaza Libertad (Liberty in Spanish) for a reason. Considering the role Tacloban has played in World War II and the Philippines’ history with America, it should not be a surprise at all. It is also quite ironic that they would give the place a Spanish name with a monument that pays homage to America when it was America who “freed” us from Spain in 1898.

Plaza Libertad is mostly underdeveloped but decently kept, at least (It hasn’t always been that way). Its spacious area is perfect for sport practices and events that requires an open field like soccer/football and Frisbee. It’s pretty cool even during daytime and relatively safe at night since there are guards doing rounds. If you’re looking for a place with no fuss and few people to unwind, you can find Plaza Libertad just across the Leyte Provincial Capitol (Read about it here: Don’t forget to take a selfie with our Lady Liberty!

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