Wild Honey (Dugos)

While walking around downtown, this lady caught my eye. Along Zamora Street, between two hotels (Primrose Hotel and La Rica Hotel) is Ate Judith selling bottled pure, uncultured Dugos (wild honey).

She’s easy to spot especially if you’re on foot.

As soon as I walk up to her, she flashes a smile at me and begins her spiel on the pureness of her product and how it never expires. She said that she gets the raw product from Davao, on consignment. She does the repacking herself and shows me a pale half-filled with honey and containing a balayan (nest).

If you’re wondering, NO, there are no bees in there.

She further explains that there are three kinds of bees in the Philippines; the ligwan (Asian Honeybee), kiwot (Stingless Bee) and putyokan (Wild/Giant Honeybee). Her merchandise are putyokan wild honey harvested from mountains and not from farms; the sweetest and best kind according to her. Of course, she maybe biased but she challenged me to taste it to believe it.

“Some re-sellers would mix syrup or starch into their honey. But not me.” she said. “This is pure wild honey.”

She’s had customers who would order from her to take to neighboring towns and Manila. She even had one OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) customer who brought her product all the way to Turkey.

“They can tell it’s the real thing.”

She plied me with more information on how to know for sure like doing the color test, matchstick test (pure honey is inflammable) and vinegar test, to name a few. I performed the easiest (because, duh): the water test. Adulterated honey would dissolve in water but pure honey will settle at the bottom because of its dense properties.

Sure enough, Ate Judith wasn’t just pulling my leg. Now I can’t wait to put it on everything!

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