CNN dubs them “as iconic as jeepneys”.

Tricycles are motorcycles with sidecars attached to them. So, basically modern rickshaws; a product of Filipino innovation.

Standard rate anywhere in Downtown is PHP 9
USD 18c | AUD 25c | CAD 23C

There are probably more tricycles than jeepneys here in Tacloban and even more so in the neighboring towns. It’s the easiest way to get to places as they usually will take you to the exact spot you need to be. Unless of course the traffic rules and routes prohibit it. In any case, it’s personally my favorite form of transportation, especially when it would be my first time going to a place.

With their size, they can trek shortcuts and save you time. And when it’s late at night and there’s no jeepney or multicab in sight, you can make “pakyaw” (pronounced like Pacquiao, which means you’re renting out their service all to yourself like a taxicab) of a tricycle. Now the rates for late-night commutes like these are usually based on the discretion of the driver, but you can always state a lower price if you want to bargain. A tricycle can accommodate about four people; three inside the sidecar and one behind the driver and has a bed at the back for any cargo a passenger may have that’s usually tied/strapped down for its security.

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