Product Review: LOCALLY Blended Juice Drink

DISCLAIMER: The author of this post has no relation whatsoever to the manufacturer and producer of the featured products. Neither is the author compensated for this review.

Natural. Homegrown. Eco-friendly.

Sounds like something out of a dream, doesn’t it?
These are words written on a LOCALLY Blended Juice Drink can and one sip from it will validate their claim.
Launched in 2015, LOCALLY is NutriAsia’s first attempt at making beverages and it’s admittedly a brilliant idea. Not only are they providing a healthier substitute for soda, they’re also helping out farmers from all over the country AND they’re promoting homegrown local fruits through this!

PHP 20 | USD 40c | AUD 60c | CAD 50c

Out with the usual flavors like orange or mango and in with the odd ones like Guyabano (soursop), Pomelo and Tamarind. They also have the more-familiar flavors such as Dalandan (a cousin of oranges) and Calamansi (a cousin of lemons). All five flavors put to shame the existing juices in the market right now but I have to say I was most delightfully surprised with the Guyabano juice. It’s sweet/sour pull is addictive while the Pomelo juice has that sweet aftertaste that could give the pricier Four-Seasons juice a run for their money. I was a little skeptical with Tamarind in juice-form since it’s usually used to flavor Sinigang, a sour soup-based dish with either pork or fish (let us know if you want us to cover this as well) but it has become my favorite so far. It’s basically sour soda sans carbonated syrup.

The recyclable cans are just as unique as its contents inside from its bright colors to the corny puns to the fun facts at the back. One interesting detail are the maps of the Philippines on each can. The maps are marked to indicate where the juice’s fruit essence is sourced from.
If you’re new to these fruits, you should try it juiced-up or if you somehow crave an off-season fruit, you could always pick up a can and indulge.

Loved this best!

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