The Loft

•Rate per Room
PHP 1400 | USD 28 | AUD 35 | CAD 40

•Meal per Person
PHP 150-200 | USD 3-4 | AUD 3.75-5 | CAD 4-5.75

•Extra Person
PHP 250 | USD 5 | AUD 6.25 | CAD 7

ENTRY #14:

THE LOFT: Hotel of Luxury and Opulence for Travellers

It bothers me that they placed synonyms side-by-side like that in their tagline, but it does deliver what they’re trying to sell as a hotel.

Although they have the occasional locals who would book a room for a little staycation, their main market are travellers who are looking for a nice place to stay a night or two with its strategic location (less than 5 minutes away from the Robinson’s Marasbaras mall and about 15 minutes away from the airport) in Tabuan National Highway, Marasbaras. They do have limited parking space but that’s because they’re found along the road. They usually let you check in at 2:00 PM and check out time’s 12:00 noon the next day.

All their rooms are the same in size, whether it’s a Twin room (Two separate beds) or a Matrimonial room (One Queen-size bed), and they all have the same fixtures–a closet, a desk and a LED TV hooked to a cable service. There’s WiFi in the room and air-conditioning. Each room also has a bathroom containing the basic toiletries (soap, shampoo and conditioner and disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste) and a shower but no tub. They allow guests to stay inside the room up to until 10 PM and would charge 250 pesos if said guest decides to stay the night. You could place in a request for two additional pillows (anything more than that and they’ll charge you) but they don’t provide additional foams or even a rollaway/folding bed for the guest.

The food was delicious and they have a wide range of choices available to pick from. They have platters and huge servings meant for sharing but they also have ala-carte meals meant for one consisting of a viand (fish, pork, beef or chicken dish), a side of mixed vegetables and a cup of rice. They serve juice and coffee, as well. An average meal would cost about 150-200 pesos per person. They didn’t have deserts, though, which was disappointing. They’re also “on break” from 1:00-5:00 PM as what we were told when we called around 3:00 in the afternoon so in-between meals isn’t an option. They do have local snacks available like chips and instant cup noodles, though. They also serve free breakfast and (VERY GOOD) coffee from 6:00-9:00 in the morning which I found satisfying.

While I think the security guard (shoutout to Manong Guard) was friendlier than the front desk clerk, I would say the Loft’s crew and overall service was good. They were quick to follow through with our requests and was patient with our questions.

All in all, I would say the Loft is quite basic–no frills or anything too fancy–but still very decent. The rooms are clean, the food’s really great and the rate’s fairly cheap for a 10-hour stay. If you happen to find yourself in Tacloban as a layover passenger or in for a quick visit or even if you just want a sweet small escape, the Loft is definitely something worth checking…in and out.


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