PHP 100 | USD 2 | AUD 2.5 | CAD 3

PHP 45 | USD 1 | AUD 1.13 | CAD 1.3

ENTRY #13:

Cream and Sugar. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Moron and Binagol. You can have one without the other, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

MORON (pronounced morón with the stress on the second syllable) is known by our Manila friends as chocolate “suman” (rice cake) and that’s exactly what it is. This is made of malagkit (sweet/sticky rice), coconut milk and grated tablea (chocolate tablets) that is steamed while wrapped in banana leaves. Others would go and add some other ingredients like peanut butter and cheese to give it a distinct taste or a firmer consistency.

On the other hand, BINAGOL is a pudding made from crushed Talyan (a rootcrop similar to Taro native to Leyte and some places in Samar), coconut milk and sugar held by a halved coconut shell or “bagol” (hence the name).

It’s an easy sell for anyone with a sweet tooth but even if you’re not a fan of desserts, I recommend that you pair it with coffee and have at it anyway…you’ll see what I mean. These products are so good, other places in different regions try to come up with their own version of them. However, they remain very much still a Leyte thing.

For orders/inquiries, contact:
Totoy Manaog
0912 987 1381
0917 124 4624

For orders/inquiries, contact:
0950 372 5293


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