PHP 150 | USD 3 | AUD 3.75 | CAD 4.5

Not the healthiest, but definitely a MUST-TRY (at least once in your lifetime) snack; we bring you CHICHARON!

Originally introduced to the Philippines by the Spaniards during their 300-year colonization, this crunchy treat has gone on to be a Filipino icon.
It’s deep-fried dried pork skin/rind usually, but variations of it have emerged through the years like chicken intestine and fish skin.

Most would dip it in various kinds of sauces like vinegar, lechon sauce or bagoong, some favors it paired with a cold alcoholic drink and others use it to garnish meals for texture and flavor.
Personally, I like it all on its own and sans vinegar. However way you want it, rest assured you can find almost anywhere; may it be a small sari-sari (retail) store or a big mall.

For orders/inquiries, contact:
Peter Babon/Criselda Elizalde
0939 504 6973


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