Solar Transportation

PHP 10 | USD 20¢ | AUD 25¢

About a year ago, a new kind of an old mode of transportation was introduced in Tacloban City; the E-Jeepneys of Star 8 Green Technology Corporation.

It runs on rechargeable battery (no pollution, people!) but its absorbed solar energy accumulated from daytime travel can add a little juice just in case. They were initially brought into the city as a solution for the lack of passenger vehicles in the northern barangays (smallest unit of administration in Philippine society).

A couple months later, the Tacloban government established a point-to-point route for these E-jeepneys; from Robinson’s Mall North in Abucay to Robinson’s Mall in Marasbaras.

Commuters were not the only ones thrilled with these vehicles. Their drivers are given a fixed rate per day instead of the usual meager take-home pay they bring to their families because the jeep’s gas would take up most of the income they had. At the same time, a marshal is hired to administer collection of the fare so the driver could focus on the road.

Their operation starts around 5:30 in the morning and ends around 10:00 in the evening or until their battery power runs out. They have 2 shifts, one in the morning and one at noon and each vehicle is required to do seven rounds per shift.

Each E-Jeepney has a seating capacity of 20 adults with little fans over each seat and has a LED TV and charging outlets for cellphones. Talk about travelling in comfort and style!




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