Squidward, look away.😅

Everywhere in the world, drying is used as one way of preserving food. It’s the process of taking away moisture within the food, salting it and finally exposing it to either the sun or wind.

In the Philippines, it is done with fruits and seafood, most commonly on fish. For people in big cities, there is a dried good that is a happy rarity for them; Bulad na Pusit (Literal Translation: Sun-dried Squid).

Some would skewer it and grill it, some would cook it in gata (cocunut milk) and some just simply fry it and serve it with vinegar. It can be served at any time of the day, but I personally love it first thing in the morning with fried rice and coffee.





One comment

  1. This is a must-try! I love seafood. The smell may be annoying to others but its heaven to me. Love this site. Keep up the good work!


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