GOTOBEV’S Open 25 Hours

“Breakfast for Dinner? Or Dinner for Breakfast?”

They proudly brandish their 25-hour service alongside their seemingly never-ending supply of “lugaw” (rice porridge), “silog” (fried rice with egg) and (FREE!) beef broth. Anyone who’s been born, raised and is living in Tacloban would know this place.

GOTOBEV’S is a wholesome round-the-clock establishment that people from all walks of life patronize. If you’re looking for a quickly-prepared (there is a 2-minute maximum waiting period) but satisfying meal, it’s one of the places you should consider.

Professionals come by for lunch because of the serving crew’s efficiency and the place’s accessibility while the students love it because of their affordable price per meal…and because it’s a decent place to work on their thesis and/or study for an examination late at night.

It has stood through the test of time and has seen many upgrades; not just the business but also the people they have catered to.





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